Little space for great challenges.

New construction of a biomass power plant for the Navigator Company in Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Setting up a crane in an area surrounded by buildings is always complex.

When the biomass power plant in Figueira da Foz was built, there were additional features. Our crane had to rise to 83.7 metres, and within its turning radius there was a tall chimney. The required clearance from the chimney was at least two metres, at all times and during all manoeuvres, without exception. Adding to the complexity, the construction site was 2,150 kilometres away from Essen.

This meant that the frictionless provision of devices, components and personnel required exact, reliable coordination.

We developed an individual concept for the assembly and disassembly of our crane to manage the difficult conditions on site. We set up the crane at 52 metres’ height, completely using the counter jib. Then, the whole crane could rise to the required working height of 83.7 metres.

Work in power plants is subject to particularly stringent safety requirements.

To ensure we complied with the strict safety demands, we trained the personnel and crane operators to carry out this task. We also deployed a safety coordinator to supervise all the works.

If the conditions were already cramped during assembly, they were even more so in disassembly. Because of low height clearances, it was impossible to directly access the crane within the building ensemble. That is why we used a mobile crane with a suitable jib to carry out these works from a distance of 60 metres away.

Our service:

  • Crane concepts, logistics and planning
  • Assembly, climbing, anchoring and disassembly
  • Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting during the rental period
  • Growing the crane with wall-ties up to its final hook height

ANDRITZ Oy, Finnland

Project duration:
2019 bis 2020

Crane type:
1 x Liebherr 550 EC-H40 Li

Kran Neubau Figueira da Foz, Portugal