Simple choice: only the best.

If the sky’s the limit when it comes to people’s ideas for luxury accommodation, then the crane concept has to keep pace with this. With its project “Friends” in the immediate vicinity of “am Hirschgarten” Lbbw Immobilien is realising impressive façade design with outstanding building heights for the Munich housing market. The view from the 15 storey-high buildings is breathtaking. Cranes with a great hook heights are essential for such a construction site. TRINAC was already closely involved in the calculation phase, and presented a five crane concept customised to the client’s wishes.

This was not least successful because we plan independently of manufacturer and use exactly the most suitable crane in terms of the respective location and function. The Wolff WK7532.16 crane played the central role on the construction site. It was located in the middle of the construction site and commenced operations on 29 September 2014. Fourteen days later it was joined by two Wolff WK6023.8 cranes, a Liebherr 90 EC-B and a Liebherr 112 EC-H. Since then the impressive ensemble has dominated Munich’s skyline, because the central crane towers 100.5 metres over the site – as high as the towers of the Frauenkirche Cathedral.

With a hook height of 82.5 metres, the two other Wolff cranes are not much lower. However, the decisive aspect in commissioning these cranes was not their impressive looks, but rather the logistics masterpiece of setting up all five cranes with a small mobile crane and subsequently raising them to their final height.

Reach for the skies with any means – above all intelligent planning.



If great working heights are to be achieved in the centre of Munich, where there is little room for manoeuvre, intelligent planning saves the space that is not available. And this experience benefits our clients with projects in other city centres.