Towering 240 metres above Warsaw.

Warsaw is currently the boom town in Europe. And you can literally see the city’s growth: a sign of this is the buildings stretching up into the sky. The “Warsaw Spire” represents a new superlative amongst the city’s new skyscrapers. One of the three buildings in this ensemble is the highest private building in the city, which is only surpassed by the Cultural Palace. This building has 48 floors with 110,000 square metres of office floor space.

The roof is 180 metres high and the tip of the tower reaches a height of 220 metres. This requires a hook height of 241 metres. Despite this extraordinary working height, we were able to firmly and safely secure the highest crane with just four anchor points on the building thanks to a special solution which we developed ourselves. Two Liebherr 280 EC-Hs are operating on the tower. The two other buildings of the “Warsaw Spire” each have 15 floors.

Here we are operating with a Liebherr 71 EC as auxiliary crane, a Liebherr 256 HC and a Potain MDT 222 for one wing of the building, and a Liebherr 180 EC-H and a Liebherr 112 EC-H for the other wing. We planned the construction site with a total of seven cranes.

Ten tonnes hoisted safely into the sky.

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Wind and weather alone increase the demands for stability and safety the higher the working height of cranes gets. At the same time loads of up to ten tonnes have to be transported. A challenge for the anchor points design.

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