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New build of a boiler house in HUSUM, Sweden for Metsä Group

Every time we work on building sites for the energy sector and power plant construction, we face unique safety, logistics and timing challenges.

Thanks to our extensive experience in this sector, we are always able to overcome them – not only in Germany but also thousands of kilometres away, anywhere in Europe.

This was the case for the URSUS TP 11 Project in Husum, Sweden. The first challenge was simply getting to the site. It was 1,900 kilometres from Essen, far to the north of Stockholm. Our concept was setting up two cranes at once.

This meant: a total of 26 heavy vehicles set off from Germany to transport equipment and personnel to the deployment site, almost 2,000 kilometres away.

The first logistical task was to get the whole convoy there on time, across several borders, with all accompanying document checks and requirements, and using wide range of different roads.

To achieve this, we collaborated with our Swedish partner, Bin-Sell. On such a long journey, every tonne of weight counts., Our specialists thought up a very individual and unusual assembly plan to lighten the load while having everything in place to complete the task.

So far north, the working temperature was minus 15 degrees Celsius.

The result: two cranes took on tasks that would have required three cranes in a conventional plan. Cranes TC1 and TC2 rose to the majestic working height of 111.4 metres, building each other as they went along. And that is not all: over the course of the project, TC2 changed its position on the site, in this way obviating the need for a third crane. TC1 carried out the transfer from one position to the other.

Kran am Neubau

Our service:

  • Lifts for crane operators
  • Assembly, climbing and disassembly of the cranes
  • Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting during the rental period
  • Climbing to a final height of up to 111.4 m TC1
  • Anchoring TC1 to the building
  • Disassembly of TC2 and reassembly as TC3, TC1 used to help in the reassembly of TC2

Metsä Group, Schweden

Project duration:
2020 bis 2022

Crane type:
1 x Wolffkran WK 8033.20 TC1
1 x Wolffkran WK 7032.12 TC2 / TC3

Vor-Ort-Service, Schweden

After the crane structures had completed their work during the construction project, an equally special disassembly stage began.

At the end of construction, TC1 was now in a site surrounded by buildings and could only be dismantled from 60 metres away using a mobile crane with a suitable jib.

Kran Neubau, Braunschweig

As usual, the human factor was key to ensuring safety and quality. We trained our personnel in Sweden’s particularly strict safety regulations and the hygiene rules brought in to deal with COVID-19. During the removal of the cranes and lifts by experts, we also coordinated the frictionless processes involved, instructing the crane operators in their complex task.