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First the head, then the crane.

On the basis of their many years of international experience our specialists work out the fitting crane concept for you.

We think and plan independently of manufacturer.

The hardware is configured to provide a customised solution for your respective project.

Our local service ensures the functionality of the all components during the complete construction phase.

You have a complex project. We develop the right logistics.

  • Difficult access to construction site
  • Limited space
  • Traffic problems

We draw up a logistics concept for all possible scenarios, which combines a trouble-free implementation of work.

Trouble-free and safe operations on your construction site serve as a visiting card showcasing your company as project initiator with all the local conditions.

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Does your project have extraordinary dimensions? Our solution does, too.

  • Our centuries of experience, such as the new bridge over the Firth of Forth in Scotland, is automatically incorporated into our concept for your project.

Whether it’s on land or the high seas – we flexibly adjust our processes to all situations and conditions. Even in cases of force majeure.

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Sometimes we think very small. When it comes to safety, we take care of every detail.

Our technology and staff work in accordance with uniform, state-of-the-art safety standards – everywhere.

For our Scottish project in the sea our staff have even successfully completed marine training.

Kranaufbau Gegengewichte

Top quality crane concepts.

We realise working heights of 240 metres and more for projects all over Europe:

  • Residential tower “Friends” in Munich: 100 metres
  • Firth of Forth bridge in Scotland: 212 metres
  • “Warsaw Spire” in Warsaw: 240 metres
Kranaufbau Teamwork

Teamplayers only.

We always work in close coordination with all participants. This includes our clients, but also local authorities or municipal administrations.

Our logistics incorporate all necessary measures from assembly to disassembly of the cranes in the traffic concepts of the respective city.

We reduce burdens for adjacent residents to a minimum.

Because we are convinced: Only a fair partnership is the basis for enduring business relationships.