Precision work on site

New construction of a boiler house in Braunschweig for BS Energy Braunschweig

Work on infrastructure project sites becomes increasingly an area of our particular expertise.

The conditions for the deployment of our cranes on such sites are often significantly different to “normal” building sites – say, when constructing office blocks. In infrastructure construction, the challenges vary widely from project to project. Here, more than anywhere else, we can honestly say that every project is unique.

The new build of a boiler house in Braunschweig is a good example of this. Assembling our crane on site required complex choreography. The reason: during the assembly phase, we had not only to consider the concurrent construction works, but synchronise our work accordingly. We also were not allowed to affect the ongoing rail traffic across the factory premises. In addition, there were already four other cranes on site, whose turning circles we were not allowed to compromise, either on the ground or in the air.

The crane was set up inside the boiler house, whose steel structure rose alongside it at the same time. This also came with its own set of special challenges. And that is not all: our crane had to work in the direct proximity of a tall chimney, to which its jib could come no closer than two metres. Because of the specificities of the site, this last requirement could not be fulfilled using standardised crane elements. Our solution: we had a special jib end custom-built. This meant everything was perfectly suited to the task, the conditions on site and the client’s wishes.

Our service:

  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting during the rental period
  • Fitting the crane with a specially designed jib end
  • Positioning the crane within the boiler house


Project duration:
2021 bis 2022

Crane type:
1 x LIEBHERR 550 EC-H 40 Litronic

Our service provision continues once the technical systems are installed. The decisive factor for safe, successful work is, and remains, the people involved. That is why our employees had to complete online training specially designed for this construction site. While covering the particularly stringent safety requirements required by the cogeneration plant, it also contained additional modules on Swedish occupational safety regulations in force in our client’s home country and thus also applicable on its construction sites. Additional training on hygiene and COVID-19, given the global pandemic, were also part of our training programme.

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