The crane arrives decades after the end of the construction works.

Dismantlement of the former Thyssen Krupp headquarters, Essen

It is increasingly common for our cranes to be used for the dismantlement of high-rise buildings.

Many of the buildings built decades ago can no longer be adapted to modern energy standards or usage requirements, and therefore need to be demolished. With the heights involved, ordinary excavators are unable to do such work. Likewise, in an urban environment, explosive demolition is often barely feasible. Consequently, our cranes are increasingly being viewed as the best alternative option.

After all, dismantlement is in principle just construction in reverse. In Essen, the removal of the former main administrative building of the steel company Thyssen Krupp will make space for new apartments to be built in a central location.

The rubble broken off at great height could only be removed with a crane of a corresponding hook height. So we set up our crane, type 280EC-H12li, with a freestanding hook height of 90 metres.

In the first stage, we assembled the crane using a 500-tonne mobile crane. Then, the complete tower crane rose to 45 metres.
This allowed for the dismantled elements of the building to be transported to the ground. Only from around 30 metres working height could a long front excavator be deployed. We also dismantled our tower crane using a 500-tonne mobile crane.

BST Becker Sanierungstechnik GmbH

Project duration:
11/2020 bis 02/2022

Crane type:

280EC-H12li im Einsatz beim Rückbau in Essen
Vor-Ort-Service beim Rückbau in Essen