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TRINAC services

TRINAC not only provides you with the right crane configuration, but also optimises crane operations through providing consulting in advance and on-site service. Contact us! We provide you with everything you need from one source: planning, delivery, assembly, disassembly, Client service, spare parts service, right through to maintenance and repair.



  • Planning and scheduling crane concepts
  • Structural calculations
  • Assembly, disassembly and transport
  • Delivery of crane accessories, for instance crane connection cabinets, crane spotlights, load suspension devices, crane tracks
  • Client service
  • Spare parts service
  • Maintenance and repair of revolving tower cranes
  • Remote data inquiry


Special solutions for revolving tower cranes:

  • Climbing of revolving tower cranes for greater hook heights
  • Connection of revolving tower cranes
  • Delivery, setup and dismantling of the revolving tower crane from the water, for instance on a pontoon
  • Helicopter setup
  • Special combinations of tower systems